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Sverre Landmark


"In the pre-project for Hovinbyen Circular Oslo, Tessa contributed with valuable skills in process and methods, carrying out a structured interview process with a large number of key stakeholders. She contributed in a confident, clear and competent manner, and we who don't share her professional background learned a lot from our cooperation."

Emil Holmeide Blattmann

Founder / Empact

"She has really inspired us with her enthusiasm and expertise. The methods and mechanisms she has applied and introduced to us have been incredibly educational. We learned quickly that our views on how people perceive litter were more fragmented than we had hoped and believed. Tessa's report will therefore be absolutely central in our future work." 

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Kuckuck - Notizen zur Alltagskultur

Article: Climate change "on the body": Anecdotal evidence, experts and the complexity of localized knowledge.

Under Dusken

"Antropologi, hva er det for noe?" 19.02.2020

Akershus Amtstidende

Artikkel: "Tessa (25) fra Drøbak har en yrkestittel du neppe har hørt før" 27.01.2020