Gnist: Sortland

May - October 2022 (ongoing)
How can Sortland regain bustling life along their quay, and create value in the meeting places between land and water? This is the challenge we are designing a new solution for with the people, businesses and municipality of Sortland. 

This design project is funded by DOGA's GNIST programme, and is excuted in cooperation with Leva Urban Design and StudioNN.

Role: UX researcher/designer

Circular Resource Central

November 2021 - june 2022 
Design project funded by DOGA's DIP programme (design driven innovasjon), in cooperations with Resirqel, SRAS, and DoPurpose.

  • Mapping out needs and challenges central user groups experience with regards to a resource central and to reuse of construction materials. 
  • Lead group interviews with developers, architects, entrepreneurs, authorities and advisors.
  • Analysis of qualitative date. 
  • Iterativ work with user journey maps and the circular business model.

Hovinbyen Circular Oslo

August 2021 - january 2022
Preliminary project for the new innovation district in Hovinbyen, in cooperation with Mathilde Blichfeldt Mjønes (Kybri), Siri Warren (DoPurpose) and Sverre Landmark (Probiz).

Tasks: Fascilitation of the perspectives, needs and recommendations of vital voices in HSO, communication of central research questions for a further feasibility study. 

  • Group interviews and workshop with key organizations/companies (a.o. OBOS, Kuben Upper Secondary School, REG, BYM, NTNU, Sintef, NHO, Lo, OSC, Verdane, Modulize, OsloMet, Norsk gjenvinning, Franzefoss, Fortum, Construction City, Økern Sentrum, etc.)
  • Content analysis and communication of findings. 

Young in Løren

August 2021 - February 2022
Preliminary project and early stage research to better understand young people's perspectives in order to improve the area of Løren to meet their needs. In cooperation with Pådriv, KFUK-KFUM, Folkelig, Kompass & co, Sinsen kirke, individuals from Pådriv, etc. 

  • Fieldwork, in-depth interviews and workshop with young people from the area working in the projects. 
  • Analysis and communication of new insights. 
  • Development and analysis of questionaires. 

Not exactly Standard

August - September 2020
Report for Attåt/Ikke-Akkurat-Standard/NMBU
"Cognitive, cultural and social motivators and barriers for consumption of "not standard produce" - A social antropological evaluation. 

  • Literature analysis
  • Report and presentation of findings.

The Value of Litter

August - december 2020
In cooperation with Empact. A social anthropological study of unorganized, individual litter picking in urban spaces. 

  • Literature analysis
  • Etnography and in-depth interviews
  • Analysis and communication of findings in report
  • Public event, presentation of findings
  • UX research for app

Climate change in Everyday Life

Oktober 2018 - oktober 2019

"Understanding climate change: Dealing, sense-making and building on non-experience"  explored the role of climate change in the everyday life of young adults in Oslo, conducted for the University of Vienna.

  • Qualitative research methods
  • Interview technique and methods of analysis
  • Planning, conducting and presentation of the complete project

Ecotourism in Siberia

May 2018 - june 2018

Anthropological fieldwork in Siberia, Russia, with the topic: Ecotourism and remoteness. Conducted for the University of Vienna. 

  • Fieldwork methods and ethnography
  • Interview techniques and cooperation with translators

Events and fascilitation

Leading the Pådriv working group: Circular production in cities

January 2022 - december 2022 (ongoing)

Fascilitating and leading this thematically focused work group with representative from Sweco, Tekna, Pådriv, Vollebekk Fabrikker, Sirkulær Ressurssentral, Kuben, Spir Oslo and HSO. 

Breakfast seminar: How to increase reuse of furniture within Oslo Municipality

October 2021
Host and chair of debate, event in cooperation with Bykuben, Utviklings- og kompetanseetaten, Bymiljøetaten, and Renovasjons- og gjenvinningsetaten.

Idea-slam (2.0)

September 2021
Concept and host. Organized in cooperation with SoCentral.

Idea-slam (1.0)

March 2021
Concept and host. Organized in cooperation with Pådriv.
Digitalt event.

Talks, lectures and workshops

Presentation: Nudging as a tool for behavioural change

Septmber 2022
SoCentral, Klimasats-forum #2 - food waste

Presentation and debate:
Social scientists and sustainability

September 2022
Samfunnsviterne - Digital event

Lunch and learn: Interview methods - 3 uncomfortable truths which will make you a better interviewer

August 2022
PwC - BXT lunch

Webinar: How culture influences what we see, think and feel about climate change and our capacity for action or non-action

April 2022
Norec - digital event

Presentation: Climate change "on the body", anecdotal evidence and experts

September 2021
University of Bergen - Climate Change Temporalities Conference

Presentation: The Value of Litter

January 2021
Public event, in cooperation with Empact.

Talk: How do "most people" relate to climate change?

August 2020
Viken County Municipality, the sustainability network. Digital event.

Youth against greenwashing

June - August 2020
Schools and clubs in Oslo.

Workshop: How to avoid getting tricked by greenwashing?

March 2020
The volunteer central in Frogn.

Workshop: Greenwashing

February 2020
The Anthropology Days in Trondheim.

Lecture: Understanding Climate Change

September 2019
Presentation of my research for the VHS (der Wiener Volkshochschulen).


Grønlikaia, Munkehagen

April - september 2022 
Parallell assignment for the development of Munkehagen on Grønlikaia, Oslo. Team Transborder, with Lo:Le, Bollinger+Grohman and Akvaplan-niva.
Role: Adviser on social sustainability and citizen participation.

UX og UI design

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