Ethnography and research

Why people act the way they do is a central question which anthropological studies can find answers to. Behaviour is always dependent on context and on many interacting factors. Through ethnography one can map out and understand these factors and from there develop software, services and products that promote behavioural change in a way that best fits a certain group or audience. 

Do you need to know the status quo before you start a new project? Or is the current advancement not going as planned, though it is hard to pin point where the problem lies? By using anthropological methods and approaches I can give a nuanced and in-depth insight into what is going on. 

Ethnography is about getting close to people's everyday life and reality to gain a better understanding of the issue. 

My skills lie first and foremost with qualitative research methods, an approach which creates nuanced answers. Human behaviour is complex and cannot be explained merely in numbers. By opting for ethnography and qualitative methods you can gain more nuanced and valuable insights.

Tools we use


In-depth interviews


Focus groups

Usability testing

The process often consist of a combination of these methods, superseded by thorough analysis and finally communication of findings. Together we can find out how to best find answers to the questions you have and which methods work best for your query.

Don't hesitate to get in touch if you have questions. You will find contact information on the contact page.

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