Ethnography and research

Need to know the status quo before starting a new project? Or doesn't the currect development go the way you predicted, but is it hard to know exactly what the problem is?

I'm skilled at understanding and assasing the situation, mapping barriers and possibilities, finding motivational factor and barriers - to help you develop something even better. 

Why people do what they do is a central question in social anthropology. Behaviour always depends on contexts and a number of interacting factors. By conducting ethnography or other research one can get a good understanding of these and based on that develop systems, services and product for behavioural change that are suited for the people who are supposed to use them. 

My expertise lies in qualitative methods. An approach that provides nuanced answers. 

Human behaviour is complex and cannot be explained merely in numbers. By opting for qualitative methods you will obtain more nuance, a deeper understanding, and in my opion, more valuable insights. 

Tools I use


In-depth interviews


Focus groups

Usability testing

Literature analysis

The process often consist of a combination of these methods followed by thorough analyses and communication of findings. The output can take different forms, depending on what is most usefull for the project. Together we can decide how to find the answers you are looking for and which methods are best suited for your question. 

Get in touch if you have need for research, an assessment, analysis, documentation or evaluation. You can find options on how to reach me here.