Talks and workshops

The Climate Anthropologist gives talks, lectures, courses and workshops to a range of different audiences.
The theme can be adapted to meet the needs of your organisation, company or project. Get in touch, so we can find out exactly what format would suit you. Below you find a list of different formats I usually work with.
All of these can also be held digitally. 

Lecture or course: 
Climate and culture: How does culture influence the ways we deal with climate change?

Topics in this talk:

  • How do we experience climate change?
  • What role do our emotions play in understanding climate and in our reactions to change?
  • How does culture influence what we think about climate, and how we choose to act or not act?
  • What is the relation between emotions, thoughts and actions?
  • Are we still denying or actually acknowledging the problem?

Target audience: All - is adjustable
Lecture: 1-1,5 hours
Course: 2-3 hours

«Greenwashing - what is it and how can we avoid being fooled?»

Not everything that seems "green" is necessarily a good thing. This workshop teaches how the climate narrative is sometimes misused and teaches participants how to use critical thinking to better understand what is actually climate friendly and what just seems to be so. 

This is an interactive workshop with lots of excercises, discussions and active participation. 

Target audience: All - is adjustable
Duration: 2-3 hours

"What can we learn from anthropological methods? - How to find better answers to your questions"

Modules that can be combined:

  • Interview techniques:
    - How to ask better questions.
    - How to develop and use an interview guide, and why.
    - How not to get in your own way when looking for answers.
    - How to avoid bias and unhelpful assumptions.

  • Participant-observation:
    - The strengths of this method.
    - How to do it. 
    - What to watch out for.

  • Analyses:
    - How to work with qualitative, unstructured data. 
    - How to make sense of big bolks of data. 
    - Making your findings presentable and understandable.

Target audience: Employees og organisations and companies who wish to do better research and gain better understanding. 

Duration: 3 hours per module.

Debates and comments

Intense debates or relaxed conversations: The Climate Anthropologist would love to contribute an anthropological perspective to your discussion. 

I love sharing my knowledge of how to develop sustainable solutions which are both better for the climate and better for people, the complex issues around climate change or methods for better understanding of abstract challenges.