Lecture: At the VHS in Vienna


VHS (der Wiener Volkshochschulen) is an institution for adult education which offers courses and classes for people from all walks of life. I was invited to lecture about my research project on climate change at their department in Hietzing. 

We addresed how one can go about doing anthropological research and the role social sciences play in the debates surrounding climate change. The case I have worked with clearly shows how the narrative about climate has changed in recent years and that we interact with this concept in new ways. Especially social media plays a central role in this development. Furthermore we got the chance to discuss emotion, action and choice, and the implications of cultural differences in how we view climate change. 

Thanks to the VHS in Hietzing for the invitation and a very lively audience for their input, comments and reflections. Also a shout-out to representative from Fridays-for-Future Austria, for their participation and their desire to include more social science in their programme.

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