Research project: The value of litter


Fall 2020 the Climate Anthropologist conducted a study regarding unorganized and individual litter picking in urban spaces. The project "The value of litter" was conducted in cooperation with Empact and received funding from the regional research funds in Oslo. We aimed to understand what motivates people to pick litter in urban environments, what contexts are relevant for this activity and how meaning and value is described to litterpicking. 

We examined the follow questions: 

- How do Oslo residents relate to litter and litter picking?
- What sociocultural dynamics are relevant in this context
- How can we make litter something of value again?

The study resulted in a number of interesting, including some surprising, findings. You can download the full report by clicking the button below. (The report is currently only available in norwegian). 

No time to read a whole 50-page report? - We recommend checking it out as it provides a broader context for the study and explains findings in a more nuanced manner. Still, we have summarized the background for this project, the methods applied and the findings in the summary below. (Also only available in norwegian at this moment).