Workshop tour: "Youngsters against greenwashing"  


"youngsters against greenwashing" is an Interactive workshop including excercises, polls, and discussions. The goal is to provide young people with the tools to think critically and holistically in the battle against greenwashing. The workshop furthermore promotes climate involvement, insight to these important topics, and contributes to coping skills when faced with difficult climate questions.  

What is greenwashing? - Greenwashing is what happens when companies make themselves, and their products, seem more "green" or "sustainable" than they really are. This sometimes happens by accident, sometimes with intention. Either way the concept of greenwashing plays into people's wishes to make more climate friendly choices, but without actually making the product or service more climate friendly - and that, is simply no good. 

Ever more people care about climate change - but we have to make sure that the measures that are taken actually work. Not everything that seems green really is. But how can you separate the one from the other? - THAT is what this workshop is about. 

The workshop lasts about 2-3 hours, and will be adapted to conform to current corona-regulations. 
Most suitable for ages 13 and over. 


Any group, class, club or other social cohort between the ages of 13 and 20 can apply. Teachers, coaches and other grown-ups can apply on behalf of a group. 

Send an email to: and write a little about:

  • Your group and why you would like to get this free workshop
  • How many you are and in which city/region/area you are
  • What you hope to get out of the workshop.

10 free workshops will be held, we will select the most relevant groups.  

This project is funded by Solofondet. 
Illustration by: Renate Sørgård -