Greenwashing: Workshops and courses


Greenwashing was a big theme for the Climate Anthropologist in 2020! Through a series of courses and workshops partipants from all over Norway learned how to recognize greenwashing and think critically about "green" solutions.

The workshopformat combines lecture, discussion and excercises, and has been describec as "inclusive", "engaging", "relevant" and "instructive". 

The Anthropology Days in Trondheim

The Anthropology Days were born out of a desire to communicate the contributions and potensial of social anthropology as a field, in the big and the small conversations in and about communities around the world. One of the central goals is to strengthen disciplinary pride and confidence amongst students and motivate to positive contributions with their anthropological skills and knowledge. The Climate Anthropologist contributed to the programme with a workshop on greenwashing and anthropological thinking. 

The theme for this gathering in 2020 was climate. 

Frogn volunteer center 

Many motivated participants showed up at Sjøstjerna in Drøbak, in spite of snow and rain. The theme for this afternoon: "Greenwashing", what is it and how can we avoid being fooled? Because not everything that seems "green" is necessarily a good thing. 

Thanks for the big turnout, great effort and valuable contributions!
Thanks to Frogn volunteer center for the initiative. 

Workshoptour in Oslo

Funded by the Solo Foundation, the Climate Anthropologist held a series of anti-greenwashing workshops with youth from Oslo. The workshops were accessible for all types of school classes, clubs, sport organisations and other groups for youth ages 12-20 with interest for this topic. 

Illustration: Renate Sørgaard

Feedback from participants

"Fun with interactivity and content well adapted to the specific audience"

"Varied, relevant and very enlightening"

"Clean and structured = QUALITY"

"You get to hear thought-provoking things and get to examine them in-depth with others. You will be challenged about being tricked by "buzzwords"."