Redesign challenge

One can learn quite a lot in one year. Personally I have made great strides within UX and UI design in 2021 and thought it was time to share them. I have therefore taken on the challenge of redesigning some of my own screens. What you see below is january 2021 vs. january 2022. Part of the challenge was to change as little as possible about the layout, so the technical changes really get a chance to shine. The redesign should also be done quickly. UI design is a never ending process of iterations and I could continue working on these for weeks. However, these are the results of just a few hours of effort. 

I find it fantastic to see the progress. I'll elaborate on some of the design decisions below.


Before mastering Figma I included only the most basic elements on the landing page. To be fair, the brief asked for a UX design only, UI was not part of the task.


The updated version has much more visual appeal, applying UI standards to the design. I can now quickly add colour, pictures and a more coherent style to the elements that would make a prototype more life-like and realistic. I introduced proper standard use of icons as well as spacing by the industry standard of the 8-point grid. 

As colour was not a part of the task, I picked random colours to differentiate between different elements. In hindsight I should of course have opted for a grey-scale design, but hey, hindsight is (always) 20/20.

The design has been upgraded to a coherent colour palette and adheres to a consistent font library. Both are developed based on the brand values: Modern, calm and inspiring. I made the elements more modern by calming the colour palette, making strokes thinner for less obtrusion while they still aid scanability. I tried to change as little of the layout as possible as per the rules of the challenge, although I could not help myself in one regard and put in a step-marker, a much needed element for these screens.

I have very little to say about this screen... I'd say it speaks for itself... :)

I would have loved to properly redesign this whole page, though the comparison is what makes it interesting. I have added softness to the plane designs by working with individual elements and rounding corners. I added detail in the seat states as well as numbering the rows to aid decision-making. The box of selected options seems slightly large in this version but must also be able to accomodate larger bookings with several seats. This size also alignes it with the previous screen of flight options which makes the overall website feel more coherent. 

I loved doing this challenge and will probably repeat it to see how my design change over time. If you are also in the design-game feel free to send me a message with your thoughts or comments. If you wish to use my (now much upgraded) design skills, do not hesitate to get in touch! You will find my details here.